Enhance healthy bone growth

Strengthen immune system

Relief from the symptoms of throat and respiratory discomfort





Zinc Gluconate(1.6%)

Flavor (Vanilla)

Fermented Cordyceps Mycelium Cs-4 Powder (0.1%)


1 to 3 years old:
2-4 tablets per day
3 years old or above:
4-6 tablets per day

Product Description

"Royal Medic Cs-4 plus Zinc" helps to strengthen children's lung and upper respiratory tract health, improve children's nasal symptoms and enhance Body immunity. The new formula is also added with zinc. Zinc is an important substance for energy metabolism and tissue formation. It helps to improve the concentration and learning performance of children in school, and it is also helpful to promote intestinal health and reduce symptoms of cold. Royal Medic Cs-4 plus Zinc is made into chewable tablets, adding sweet and sweet clouds to taste, the mouth is dissolved, independent packaging, no added preservatives, convenient and hygienic, laying a good foundation for children's health.

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