Member Welfare

“Wisdom Club” concerns about our member’s health since 2003. We try our best to improve health and promote a good quality of life for everyone. Wisdom Club searches for reliable brands and introduce them to our customers, including “Royal Medic”, “LEGEND”, “Kiwi Lab”, “La Gusto”, “HARUKA”…etc. These beauty, health and slimming supplement fulfill different needs and help our member to have a relaxing and healthy life.

Register as “Wisdom Club” member to enjoy 8 valuable member privileges

Privilege 1: Shopping Discount

Member can enjoy a “buy 4 get 1 free” discount by buying particular items at the Royal Medic Counters or in Royal Medic Chinese Medicine Clinic.

Privilege 2: Birthday Gift and Shopping Discount

Members can have a gift in their birth months and have one 30% off discount plus additional bonus points.

Privilege 3: Collect Bonus Points for Gifts Exchange

Member can collect bonus points by buying our products. Collect bonus point by registering via our webpage or telephone system to exchange gifts.

Privilege 4: Special offer in Royal Medic Chinese Medicine Clinic

Privilege 5: Talks

Members have the priority for registration to join the free health talks held by “Wisdom Club”.

Privilege 6: Sample trial

“Wisdom Club” keeps on sourcing high quality health supplement, slimming or beauty product from other places. We offer as many options as possible to our valuable members. Members will have chance for free sample trial.

Privilege 7: Updated information

We keep updating information for you, including the product discounts, new product information and health news.

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