Question 1: How to become a member of “Wisdom Club”?

You can buy any “Royal Medic” products, fill-in the “Wisdom Club” Membership Application form, and send the form by post or fax to us.

Contact details of “Wisdom Club”:

Mail address: 21/F., Man Shing Industrial Building, 307-311 Castle Peak Road, Kwai Chung, Hong Kong

Fax: 2564 2222

Question 2: How long does it take to receive the Welcome Letter?

We will send the Welcome letter and member card to you by post within 2 months after receiving the application form.

Question 3: What discounts are available for a member? 
  • Shopping discounts such as “Buy 4 get 1 free”
  • Additional bonus points for shopping in birthday month
  • Bonus point for gift exchange
  • Try new product sample
  • Free health information
Question 4: How to register the bonus points?

There are bonus point stickers in the particular products of “Wisdom Club”. Scratch the silver part on the sticker and obtain the 16 digit length code on the sticker. Customer can assess the webpage ( or dial direct line of “Wisdom Club” 2297 5597, save the points by inputting the code as instructed. Every code can only be entered once, which is not available for repeated use.

Question 5: How to inquiry for the bonus point?

Members can assess “Wisdom Club” webpage at or dial direct line 2297 5597, and inquire for the required information as instructed.

Question 6: How long will the bonus point be effective?

“Wisdom Club” bonus point is valid until 31st December every year, member should spend their bonus point before the expiry date. Otherwise, the points will be invalid after expiry date.

Question 7: How can I do if I forget the password?

Please contact the customer service representative by dialing the direct line of “Wisdom Club” 2297 5597, our representative will delete your original password. Member can setup a new password again through our webpage or direct line.

Question 8: Do I need to set the password again if the password had already been set through the telephone system?

No. If you successfully setup the password through our telephone system, you can login to the online system, versa vice.

Question 9: How to use the bonus points?

Member can use their registered bonus points for gifts exchange. Please contact our customer service representative for details.

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