Detox Solution (Hawthorn Flavor)

Seven Benefits of Detox Solution (Hawthorn Flavor)
  • Improve stomach upset
  • Improve bad breath
  • Promote fecal-stasis-excreting
  • Improve tiredness
  • Promote daily excreting
  • Promote excreting smoothly
  • Improve bad temper

Suitable for People who/ who are

  • Have fecal problem
  • Have stomach upset
  • Have bad breath
  • Have bad temper
  • Have fecal problem
  • Have stomach upset
  • Have bad breath
  • Have bad temper
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Blessed Thistle

Barley Grass


Aloe Vera


Each Box
9 sachets
Each Sachet
6 g


Each Day
1-2 times
Each Time
1-2 sachets

Product Description

Natural Ingredients, No Dependence

In fact, lack of exercise and imbalanced diet is common among urbanites, resulting in fecal problems. "Detox Solution" is developed to improve the problem. With abundant dietary fiber in the product, the water content and the volume of stool can be increased. Thus, it can promote peristalsis and soften the stool. Finally, wastes can be excreted easily. Besides, hawthorn can help to improve spleen, stomach and reduce accumulation of food residue. "Detox Solution" is effective in 8 hours. Prolonged consumption allows defecation smoothly and improves problems caused by toxin of excrement, such as fatigue, bad breath and bloated belly.

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