Eye Clear

Six Benefits of Eye Clear
  • Nourish and ease eye tiredness
  • Improve eye sight declines
  • Comfort eyes
  • Make eye sight clear
  • Improve dry eyes
  • Anti-aging

Suitable for People who/ who are

  • In any age group
  • In any age group
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Bilberry Pro-anthocyanidins Extract

Grape Seed

Eye Bright Extract

Marigold Flower



Each Box
60 capsules
Each Capsule
546 mg


Each Day
1-2 times
Each Time
2 capsules

Product Description

Clear Eyes Being Obtained

In the city with high technologies, long time usage of computer, sleeplessness, wearing contact lens for long time and pollutants in air all lead to eye health problems, such as unwell feelings, dryness, tiredness, unclear sight and aging. Therefore, Royal Medic has specially developed "Eye Clear" to improve the eye health problem by using high concentrated Bilberry with good quality. With 2 capsules every day, clear eyes can be obtained. Prolonged consumption improves eye sight declines and comforts your eyes.

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