Liver Guard

Nine Benefits of Liver Guard
  • Improve hangover
  • Strengthen liver
  • Protect liver and anti-aging
  • Reduce stress and promote health of liver
  • Eliminate free radicals and toxin
  • Energy recharging
  • Improve hair loss
  • Improve complexion
  • Improve fatigue

Suitable for People who/ who are

  • Concern about liver problems
  • Concern about liver enzyme levels
  • Concern about liver problems
  • Concern about liver enzyme levels
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Aloe Vera

Marine Collagen


Bee Pollen


Each Box
60 capsules
Each Capsule
581 mg


Each Day
1-2 times
Each Time
1-2 capsules

Product Description

Strengthen the Liver, Help Detoxification

Health of liver is affected severely sue to busy life style, staying up late at night, poor sleeping quality and tiredness. Nutrient metabolism and immunity will be lowered. Furthermore, these habits worsen the condition of damaged liver tissue. Alcohol is another critical destruction to the liver cells. Prolonged alcohol abuse leads to toxin accumulation and injuries the liver. People with overweight, high-fat diet, lack of exercise, chronic health problems and the elderly are also high risk groups of liver problems. "Liver Guard" contains L-Cysteine, Aloe Vera and bee pollen, which can strengthen the liver and help detoxification. The ability of alcohol decomposition of the liver is enhanced. Thus, health of liver can be promoted.

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